Inquisitive Semantics : Spring 2009

New York New York University

Course material

  • Sheets of the first meeting.
  • Background reading: Chapters 1-2 of Questions in Dynamic Semantics (eds. Aloni, Butler and Dekker). Introductory chapter by the editors on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Questions, and my 1999 SALT paper The Logic of Interrogation.
  • Sheets of the second meeting.
  • Reading material: the Tbilisi-paper Inquisitive Semantics: Two Possibilities for Disjunction and the much more extended Inquisitive Semantics: Student Version, which also has inquisitive semantics for predicate logic as an appendix. Under Publications you find the Tbilisi paper in a slightly longer concept version, and Salvador Mascarenhas’ paper you find there gives you some further material.
  • The third meeting on Feb. 18 was a ‘blackboard meeting’, see Chris’ picture above. I will put the material I covered (much of it can also be found in the last part of the sheets of the second meeting), in a handout for the fourth meeting of Feb. 25, with new material as well, of course.
  • On the fourth meeting on Feb. 25 I used a handout. in the meantime this has turned into a draft paper AssertionsQuestionsHybrids.pdf . I will notify and publish updates of the paper-to-be here.
  • On the 5th and 6th meeting on March 25 and April 1, I discussed a new paper that Floris Roelofsen and I just finished on inquisitive semantics and pragmatics.